• S2E3: Bodily Fluids

    Snot and pee and earwax, oh my! Why are we so full of gross substances? What do our fluids do for us? And is there really a chemical to catch people peeing in the pool?

    Featuring Erika Engelhaupt, a science writer and editor and author of the new book “Gory Details: Adventures from the Dark Side of Science."

  • S2E1: Eating Animals

    Why do we treat some animals as food and others as family? Is animal agriculture really as bad as vegans say it is? And if I want to change things, […]

  • S1E13: Marriage

    What was the original purpose of marriage? What’s up with all those wedding traditions? And what makes a marriage last? Featuring Stephanie Coontz, researcher and author of Marriage, a History: […]

  • S1E12: Dying

    How will most of us die? How do our expectations of death go wrong? How can we all have a good death? Featuring Jennie Dear, author of “What Does It […]

  • S1E11: Childbirth

    Why do we keep early pregnancy a secret? How long have we been giving birth in hospitals? And why is childbirth so painful? Today’s guest is Tina Cassidy, author of […]

  • S1E10: Lying

    Is honesty really the best policy? What’s the difference between a good lie and a bad lie? And how much do we lie to ourselves? Today’s guest is Judi Ketteler, […]

  • S1E9: Necrophilia

    Where does necrophilia come from? What makes people desecrate corpses? And do you have to be a serial killer to have a death fetish? Today’s guests are Dr. Victoria Hartmann, […]

  • S1E8: Infidelity

    It’s the #1 cause of breakup and divorce. What if we’re approaching infidelity all wrong? Today’s guest is Lucia O’Sullivan, a social psychologist and professor in the department of psychology […]

  • S1E7: Vaginas

    Why do we know so little about female anatomy? Why are so many of women’s reproductive organs named after dudes? And hold up, the clitoris looks like THAT?! Today’s guest […]

  • S1E6: Acne

    Why are we so grossed out by acne? What is it that makes popping pimples so satisfying? And why doesn’t acne go away after adolescence? Today’s guest is Dr. Alexa […]