Tag: fetish

  • Philias: Foot Fetishes Kick the Stigma

    Ever wondered why some people have a thing for feet? In this final Philias episode, we're flying feet first into foot fetishes. Social psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller breaks down the origins of fetishes (and the truth to that "crossed wires in the brain" factoid), while writer and "Educatrix" Tina Horn gives us the lowdown on why feet can be such a turn-on. We also step into the cultural aspects of foot fascination and debunk some common misconceptions. Whether you're a foot fanatic yourself or just interested in what makes people tick, this episode will shed light on a often misunderstood aspect of human sexuality. So go ahead, press play and put your feet up—and maybe snap a pic or two while you're at it.

  • Philias: Zoophilia and the Hidden Community That’s Into Animals

    Get ready to learn about the underground and frequently misunderstood world of zoophilia. With the help of paraphilia researcher Alexandra Zidenberg and hosts of the zoophile podcast Zooier Than Thou, we'll unravel what it really means to be attracted to animals. We'll learn what it is that attracts "zoos" to non-human animals, explore the hot-button issue of animal consent, understand the incredible diversity within the zoophile community itself, and hear about the immense challenges zoophiles face in a society that's quick to judge what they don't understand. Tune in for an ultra-taboo episode that will challenge what you thought you knew about the world.

  • Philias: The Science of Kinks and Fetishes

    It's here! The premiere episode of Taboo Science's new miniseries "Philias": an exploration into the science of kinks and fetishes. In this 101 episode, we learn the difference between a kink, fetish, paraphilia, and paraphilic disorder; we'll take a tour of the many, many kinds of kink that exist; and we'll find out what scientists know about where these desires come from—and what they don't. With insights from renowned paraphilia researcher Christian Joyal and pornstar/internet celebrity/kink researcher Aella, we'll dismantle society's narrow definitions of "normal" sex and shed light on humanity's boundless sexual creativity. Whether you're a seasoned kinkster or you're just here for the science, this premiere is a salacious must-listen.